More about the course

This initiative has brought together anti-corruption experts and urban planning educators from Africa to jointly design and pilot an (anti)corruption module for urban planning curricula. The module familiarizes current and future urban planners with the latest insights on corruption, integrity and urban governance. It equips them with the analytical tools, critical awareness and practical action options to help tackle corruption in urban development and ensure that it does not derail urban planning.

The course contains key texts from the academic and policy literature, many media resources, several interactive learning exercises and a detailed teaching manual. It is open source and designed in a modular way so that it can be taught at varying length and intensity and that it can be tailored to practical as well as more academic settings.

A first pilot of the course was carried out by The African Center of Cities at the University of Cape Town in March 2017 in co-operation with Transparency International. It took the format of a three day workshop and convened an incredibly rich and diverse class of urban planners, scholars, NGO experts and local government officials from five African countries, generating great interest for further rounds of implementation.

We invite urban planning educators from Africa and other regions to collaborate with us on adapting and implementing the course for other countries and other audiences.

For more information please contact Dieter Zinnbauer

Participating schools can access the full course here

The course is an initiative by Transparency International, kindly supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.